Technologist and Engineer

I have been an electronics engineer for over 40 years (alongside a lifelong photographer); my engineering skills range from aircraft, radar, military, medical, industrial, audio and visual TV, Radios and IT systems etc.

As now semi-retired I have been alarmed at just how many people in everyday life struggle with setting up and installing home automation, TV’s and Audio systems, the manufacturers often claim they are “plug and play” but the fact is that only happens in an ideal environment and it’s not the realistic real-life situations. So over the last few years friends and friends of friends have asked if I would help them from a simple set up of a stand-alone TV to more complicated audio Sonos or specialist audio systems to helping with home automation such as Alexa and Hive or Google Home hub, perhaps they needed the Wi-Fi to work over a long-range, for example, a home office 100 meters from the main house and much more. 

So for a totally non-obligation visit and quote  prices starting from as low as £50 for a single TV installation upwards please do not hesitate to call me on 07802 525216